Top 10 tips before the shoot

1. Get plenty of sleep the night before your headshot session.

2. Try on your tops and make sure they fit properly. which            are then ironed. 

3. Keep coloured tops to dark shades, the brightest thing in        the photo should be you! We will go through your                    tops before the shoot so please bring plenty to choose            from so we have lots of variety during the session. 

4. Make sure your tops are plain which also have nice                    necklines. You need to be a blank canvas for a casting              director. (So leave your leopard print to a Saturday night.)

5. Drink plenty of water, this will help with your skin to look         fresh and hydrated. 

6. Do not fake tan - our camera will pick up all different                 shades and lines which become incredibly hard to erase. 

7. Practise how you would like your hair. Look in a mirror and       say to yourself “Is this how I would look in the audition             room?” if yes, you are ready to go!

8. Discuss with your agent what you want from the                       headshots and what you are aiming for in your career.               What is your Casting Type?

9. Hair… Girls - Wear your hair as you would in an                           audition/casting. The casting director has called you in             because they feel your look is what they want so you               need to keep it. We can try different hair styles to see             what looks best, but practise before and have a clear idea       of what you want. Boys/Girls - Don't get a haircut the               night before your shoot JUST incase you don't like it,               make sure its a few days before so it will settle. 

10. Make up - (Girls, Sorry boys!) Keep this natural. It's                   always better to add as we go. I would bring a few                     selection of lipsticks etc. Nothing too heavy or dark. If             you have any blemishes/spots - DO NOT FEAR, we can             get rid of this in a flash!

Top 10 tips during your shoot.

1. Nerves - We have heard one million times, “ I don't photograph well” or “I am really scared” but       within seconds we will have you laughing and you wont remember what you were worried                 about to begin with.

2. Focus - During the shoot (as staring into a camera for a long time can make your eyes go into           each other) feel free to pause for a minute. 

3. If you are on an outdoor shoot, wear something underneath like a vest so it's easy to change. 

4. We wont stop until we are both happy with the selection. 

5. Just be yourself. If you feel that you are not portraying this, then tell us and we will help you. 

6. Remember to laugh! Its a cure for everything!

7. Trust us - We have photographed hundreds of actors so let us work our magic. 

8. We may put you in angles you are not normally in (unless you are Kate Moss) but we promise           these are making you look great!

9. Sounds obvious but look right down the lens and grab that casting director with your eyes!

10. Remember your headshot needs to represent the real you!

Top 10 tips after your shoot

1. We will go through your photos and narrow them down to to the best 150-350 (depending on           your package).

2. They will be uploaded to an online gallery where you/your agent can go through and select the           ones you would like touching up and sent to you.

3. We would always advise you to pick the 3 photos that represent you best. (try not to pick three       where you have the same expression or at the same angle. You will want to show variety)

4. When you send back your 3 chosen image numbers we endeavour to send back the final                     touched up images within 7 days,

5. If you would like additional images from the shoot they come at an additional cost of £25 each.

6. We will retouch everything that isn’t normally there e.g blemishes or stray hair strands. We will        make your eyes look fabulous and get the lighting and colour balance right. 

7. You will receive your images in colour and black and white, ready for print and to be used on               spotlight.

8. All of our images are saved so you can come back at any point and order extra shots. 

9. Get your new images on spotlight. 

10. Book that job!!!

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